R8 Remote IO เทอร์มินัลแบบTension Clamp Print

R8 Series I/O modules with tension-clamp terminal

model: R8 Series

model: R8 Series
Specification SheetPDF

Five models of I/O modules with easy-to-wire tension-clamp terminal block are now added to the R8 Series remote I/O. These modules are twice as wide as existing ones but can handle up to eight isolated 4-20 mA input signals.


R8 Series I/O modules (tension-clamp terminal block)

ISO = Channel-to-channel isolation
I/O Type Points Iso­lation Model Spec
DC current input 8 ISO R8-SST8 PDF
Di, NPN transistor 16 --- R8-DAT16A2 PDF
Do, NPN transistor 16 --- R8-DCT16A2 PDF
Relay output 4 --- R8-DCT4D PDF
DC current output 4 --- R8-YST4N PDF
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