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Signal Conditioners

Universal Input


DC mV, V, mA Input

Temperature Input

Potentiometer Input

Current Loop Supplies & Power Supplies

Strain Gauge Input

AC Input

Frequency I/O

Pneumatic Transducers

Function Modules

Isolation Amplifiers

Unique & Special


สอบถาม / ขอราคา 

Signal Conditioners Series 

Signal conditioners convert a field signal from various sensors into standard signal suitable for processing in PLC, DCS or PC-based systems. They are also used to boost a signal to increase load drive capability, to isolate a signal to stop ground loops.
More than 75000 combinations of process signal I/O, power input and mounting configuration are selectable. Additionally, M-System offers the broadest line of signal splitters available.




ปกป้องสายส่งแบบต่างๆจากSurge (Signal Line/ LonWork  / Ethernet / RS422 / RS485 / RTD/Thermocouple/Potentiometer/Strain Guage/ ฯลฯ)