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model: DL8-Cใช้ DL8 ตรวจสอบ Gas cogeneration generatorผ่านเว็บ อีเมล์ ด้วย M-System DL8

It is used for measuring the operating time and number of operations of the devices peripheral to the generator, and for maintenance.

Because it is connected to in-house LAN, it can be monitored from company computers using LAN.
As well, it carries out e-mail notifications using the in-house e-mail server.

When a breakdown occurs, it notifies the in-house facilities manager and the gas cogeneration generator management company simultaneously by e-mail, allowing rapid response.

The DL8 sends an hourly e-mail enabling a grasp of the current values of each measurement item, as included in the e-mail text, and confirmation of generation status.



model: DL8-C

model: DL8-C

Remote Terminal Unit

  • Specification Sheet PDF


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