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Friday, 24 March 2017 17:25

Workshop Date: March 23, 2017, Time: 9:00 – 5:00 PM


FTI sponsored the event at Knowledge Exchange building, over 50 engineers and executives attended from various industries including Automotive, Discrete parts manufacturing, Research & Development, Food processing etc.

FTI welcomed everyone to this learning workshop and introduced the speakers.


Mr Sirichai (MD) EDA started by introducing the background for Industries 4.0 with timeline for the development of industrial revolution. Later he explained why adoption of Industries 4.0 architecture is important for Thai manufacturing industry. Industries 4.0 is all about creating a unified approach where collaboration from all sectors and departments are required, all processes are streamlined by bringing in the latest technology into place. The purpose is to increase efficiency, reduce production/operating cost and increase output. Giving the workforce with right tools for faster decision making is key to the success and remaining competitive.


For each manufacturing plant, processing facility or establishment, there are several separate systems that do not communicate or exchange information among each other. Many processes are manual or repeated at various steps (like generating reports or conducting data analysis). Data connectivity and System integration becomes key to the success towards smart manufacturing especially when we would like to keep existing investment and at the same time invest in latest and modern technology.


The IT infrastructure especially internet has been playing a significant role in providing various data exchange and interoperability capabilities. Infrastructure Decentralization and virtualization is more acceptable and feasible in today’s environment with greater bandwidth, increasing number of users and more dependency on IT applications for factory floor to top management.


Mr Sirichai also pointed to Global Challenges business face including commercial, technological and product sustainability. Commercial challenges include meeting production demand, reducing raw material investment, optimizing workforce, reducing downtime, improving quality, managing workforce change management and keeping production traceability for regulatory authorities.


Here ICONICS provide right software technology to provide Integration Platform to fit into Industries 4.0 system model.


Mr Sirichai also introduced basics of IoT ( Internet of Things) and giving explanation how manufacturing and process industry is embracing this concept and also give brief idea how cloud computing is facilitating the ever expanding need of IT infrastructure.


Dr Habib Rehman, Director of ICONICS Asia Pacific presented ICONICS IoT Software solution for MS Azure. He is working with ICONICS for 20 years and responsible for business development in Asia Pacific. Dr Rehman has been conducting several seminars in Thailand with cooperation of EDA International for many years. He also introduced ICONICS cooperation with Microsoft for adopting latest technology and promoting the industrial solution to end customers.


He introduced ICONICS company business focus and specialization focus on providing unified visualization and integrated system approach. He elaborated ICONICS business focus on key industries including Automotive, Buildings, Food, Transport, Water etc.


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