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Whether a single building, or an entire campus, the challenge is the same: managing multiple systems communicating on different protocols. ICONICS Building Automation solutions provide you with an easy way to navigate and control key parameters within a centralized user interface. Integrate your HVAC, lighting, energy, security, fire and elevator systems.



Integrate existing building automation systems with a single Web-based user interface. Imagine using a fully-integrated facility automation software solution to monitor systems from all major vendors. ICONICS provides a unified management system for visualization, alarm notification, historical data, supervisory control and management information systems.

Productive facilities in today's environment demand economical operation and management. Effective facilities management means your organization can focus on its core business, increasing your bottom line by reducing operational costs.

"We have used ICONICS software products almost exclusively on our installations since 1991. Their consistent high performance and value are always major factors in the success of our projects. The versatility and fully customizable nature of the software allowed us to adapt perfectly to the varied technical issues we encountered on the Solebury campus and to precisely tailor the HMI to fit the needs of their personnel."
Walter L. Horigan
Vortechs Automation, Inc.

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ปกป้องสายส่งแบบต่างๆจากSurge (Signal Line/ LonWork  / Ethernet / RS422 / RS485 / RTD/Thermocouple/Potentiometer/Strain Guage/ ฯลฯ)