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COPC32 Getting start

- COPC32 Member
- COPC32 on VB6 (VDO)
- COPC32 on VB.Net(VDO)
- COPC32 on C#
- Example source code for C#
- COPC32 Programming Tip : optimize performance
- COPC32 Showcase on Excel2010 (VDO)



ภาษาไทย (Thai)

COPC32 Advance

- How to setup DCOM for Remote OPC Server (from KEPWare)
- OPC & DCOM Tutorial VDO from google VDO
- How to load OPC tag from file at startup
This will help you crate your project faster.


COPC DLL Getting start

- Use COPC DLL on Visual C# (Express / Professional / Enterprise edition) (VDO, 12.6 MB) - Unzip, then double click on htm file in the folder | Example code

- COPC DLL Member

- COPC DLL on VB6 (VDO - Thai)

- COPC DLL on C# (VDO - Thai)
Create SCADA/HMI on C# with COPC dll and tag browser from COPC32


CMeter Getting start

- Using CMeter on VB6.0 (pdf, 43 Kb)






COPC32 Advance

- How to log OPC values to MSDE or SQL Server
- How to create real time trend on VB IDE with MS Office Web component and COPC32
- How to create Historical Trend with CTrend V2.0