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COPC32 ActiveX control

COPC32 activeX control used for SCADA creation and development. You can create SCADA system (Graphic monitoring & control, Trending, Alarm, and more..) within your favorite programming IDE such as Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio.Net (VB.Net, C#), and VBA (MS Excel, Word, …).

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COPC DLL version is a dll file for using in any microsoft IDE such as Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Studio.Net (VB.Net, C#), and VBA (MS Excel, Word, …).

COPC DLL is a light-weight activeX for SCADA developer. COPC DLL is appropriate for developer who like flexible of size configurable within large of OPC tags. COPC DLL use small of memory. Then you can create SCADA system for large of tags within hi-speed of operation.

Trial version works for 30 days. After that, you have to register for a license (contact info@eda.co.th).

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Only 300 $ | Download Trial (19.2 KB)

See how to use COPC DLL on tutorials page.


CMeter ActiveX control Free

CMeter ActiveX control is used to show value of number in the view of gauge meter. You can set range, limit, main and sub scale, start and stop angle and other general look. It is suitable for SCADA/HMI application.

CTrend ActiveX control Free


  • Plot real-time or historical trend up to 5 signals
  • Able to setup for
  • Range
  • Axis space
  • Pen colors
  • Manual time axis settable
  • Auto / Manual plot
  • Support VAB, Visual Studio and Visual Studio.Net


It is ‘EDA' url post on the screen in small area. This logo will disappear if you have COPC32 license installed.

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